The prophecy of the second coming was fulfilled in the person of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. The physical coming of Jesus an old Israelite prophet would disqualify Muhammad as the final prophet. He is referred to as a prophet in the metaphorical sense only as other recognised Islamic saints and sufis are similarly referred to , not a prophet in the technical meaning of the word.

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They shall be sent for the revival of the true spirit of Islam.


He did not die on the cross but was transported to heaven, [56] where he lives to return in the flesh to this world shortly before Doomsday. Jesus will come to earth not as a prophet but as a follower of Muhammad and preach the teachings of Muhammad.

Everything with Jesus was natural like other human beings regarding his birth and his death, and that is the Lord's rule. Armed jihad Jihad literally means "to strive or exert to the fullest", referring to strive against the devil and one's low desires self and to the peaceful propagation of Islam with special emphasis on spreading the true message of Islam by example. In all four schools of Sunni Islamic jurisprudence, and the equivalent in Shi'ite law, defensive jihad is the only legal form of warfare permissible under Islamic law.

This obligates Muslims to join in defence of their lands and people.

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Jihad primarily means "to strive or exert to the fullest". On an ongoing basis this refers to striving against the devil and one's low desires self and the peaceful propagation of Islam with special emphasis on spreading the true message of Islam by the pen. In special circumstances jihad could be an armed struggle, but only as a defensive war against extreme persecution. The greater Jihad is that against the self, and the lesser Jihad is that of the pen. Jihad al-Akbar Greater Jihad is that against the self.

This refers to striving against the evil of one's low desires anger, lust, hatred, etc. This is the greater Jihad.

This refers to the peaceful propagation of Islam, with special emphasis on spreading the true message of Islam by the pen. Jihad al-Asghar Smaller Jihad is Jihad al-Sayf Violent Struggle which is only for self-defence under situations of extreme persecution and not being able to follow ones' religious beliefs, and even then only under the direct instruction of the Khalifatul Masih.

All these forms of Jihad are there today, but he stressed that the need of today is in doing the greatest Jihad of self-purification and then the propagation of faith. In practise, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is entirely peaceful and has never engaged in violent activity even for self-defence, despite severe persecution in some Islamic countries.

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Current status See also: Persecution of Ahmadiyya Ahmadis have been subject to various forms of persecution since the movement's inception in The Ahmadiyya faith emerged from the Sunni tradition of Islam and its adherents believe in all the five pillars and articles of faith required of Muslims, and also consider themselves as Sunni Muslims.

However, in many Islamic countries the Ahmadis have been defined as heretics and non-Muslim and subjected to persecution and often systematic oppression.

Ahmadis are held to be Muslims by law in India. Ahammed Koya, citation A.

This means that they are not allowed to profess the Islamic creed publicly or call their places of worship mosques. These acts are punishable by imprisonment of up to three years. Ahmadis have been the target of many attacks led by various religious groups.

The figures assembled in the study reflect that even in the educated classes of Pakistan, Ahmadis are considered to be the least deserving minority in terms of equal opportunities and civil rights.

In the same study, the teachers in these elite schools showed an even lower amount of tolerance towards Ahmadis than their pupils. The harassment includes social boycott, expulsions, threats and violence against Ahmadi students by extremist students, teachers and principals of the majority sect. In total, the attacks claimed the lives of 95 people and injured well over The members were gathered in the mosques attending Friday services.

Ahmadiyyas have become a persecuted group, targeted via protests and acts of violence. In late , several large violent marches, led by Moulana Moahmud Hossain Mumtazi, were directed to occupy an Ahmadiyya mosque.

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In , all Ahmadiyya publications were banned. New Max Net Tv 3.

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