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The birds were divided into two equal groups, The first group was injected a single i. Blood samples were collected from 3 birds for each time intervals from both groups. Pefloxacin from plasma samples was assayed be using the microbiological assay. The plasma concentration - time curve of i. Al Dhahi. A group of 6 chicks was used as control. Samples of blood, lung, and air sac tissues were taken at the termination of treatment and 48 hours later. The concentration of each drug at each interval was compared with its minimum inhibitory concentration against E.

The result indicated that concentration of each drug in either respiratory tissues were about twice that of plasma. Danofloxacin achieved better concentration when minimum inhibitory concentrations were taken into concentration. Bakunzi, A. Lado, L. South Africa.

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A survey was conducted on the occurance of drug resistance of trichostrongylids on communally grazed goats in semi-arid South Africa. On 20 communal goat farmers the efficacy of albendazole, levamisole and ivermectin was tested by a faecal egg reduction test.

Bénardl, T. Bengone2, J. Ilboudol, Sawadogol, Germain2. Trace element deficiencies are very frequently observed in animal production. Because of the biochemical importance of trace elements, these diseases can have important consequences on a clinical point of view.

For these reasons, an important research is carried out in order to develop new therapeutic concepts to prevent trace element deficiencies. Our program was dealing with the study of an hydrolysate of proteins prepared from birds feathers, which is composed of free amino acids and some small peptides in saline solution. This complex was labelled with zinc Metabolic and pharmacokinetic studies were carried out using who le body autoradiography in rats and radioactivity counting in several animal species including sheep and horses.

Whole body autoradiography demonstrate that when zinc -proteinate is delivered to rats, ther is a higher tissular distribution of the isotope than when zinc chloride is delivered to animaIs. This study demonstrate that target tissues for zinc i.

Pharmacokinetic studies have been performed on sheep and horses which were dosed either with labelled zinc chloride or labelled zinc proteinate.

Radioactivity was measured in whole blood, plasma and cell pellet, and in urine and faeces for sheep, in order to evaluate the amount of elimination. AlI the results demonstrate that blood levels are higher on animaIs dosed with zinc-proteinate than on those dosed with zinc chloride.

This is a consequence of fixation on zinc on erythrocytes and on blood proteins, mainly globulins. These results clearly emphasize the potential interest of chelates and proteinates for delivering zinc to animaIs suffering of zinc deficiency.

El Bahri, J. Belghith, J.

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Mellef, S. Ben Youssef, I. Service de Pharmacie- Toxicologie. Ecole Nationale de Médecine Vétérinaire. El Battawy1, R.

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In mammals under stress glucoccorticorticides are secreted by the adrenal cortex. Consequently,it is considered as a basis for a non-invasive assaessment of adrenocortical activitv. Palme and möstl characterised some of the metabolites of infused 14 C- cortisol in ruminants, wich led to the establishment of EIA for 11,dioxoandrostanes.

The aim of this study is to evaluate the biological relevance of this EIA in buffaloesby suppressing cortisol release by the adrenal cortex. Dexamethasone 15mg were injected i. Concentration of cortisol metabolits in faeces were determined and the variability among animals concerning both basal and peak values in faecas were observed.

Dexamethasone injection resulted in decrease in the levels of 11, dioxoandrostanes.

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Thus, measuring faeacal 11,dioxpandrostanes can be used as a non-invasive tool for monitoring adrenocortical activity in buffaloes. Unité de Pharmacie-Toxicologie.

Maisons Alfort, France. Box , Tehran, Iran. However, if use of antibacterial agents is necessary, as in treatment of poultry diseases, a withholding period must be observed until the residues are negligible or can no longer be detected. For many years, antibacterial agents have been used for chemotherapeutic and prophylactic purposes and also used as feed additives to promote growth, improve feed efficiency, enhance feed acceptability, and enhance acceptability by the consumer of the end product.

The purpose of this paper is to provide the findings from several poultry farms from all over the Qum province in relation to potential problems that may be associated with certain aspects of antibacterial agents usage. Hassen1, S. Abid1, A.

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Achour, A. Zakhama3, N. Guezzah4, H. Ochratoxin A OTA is a nephrotoxic mycotoxin.

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Studies performed in European countries pointed at OTA as the determinant agent of the porcine nephropathy. Tunisia is concerned as well by a similar nephropathy known as Chronic Interstitial Nephropathy of undetermined etiology. However, since the direct causality has not been established, it is still controversial whether OTA plays a causative or only a subordinate role in the induction of these human nephropathies.

In this study, we tried to consolidate the suspected link between blood OTAcontamination and Tunisian Chronic Interstitial Nephropathy of unknown cause. A method of vaporizing cannabis, said method comprising: placing the cannabis plant cell as defined in any one of claims or , in a zero-point delivery device, turning the zero-point delivery device on, and vaporizing said cannabis.

The dry, non-viable i cannabis plant or ii part thereof of claim 49, wherein the terpene oil content is greater than 1. The dry, non-viable i cannabis plant or ii part thereof of any one of claims , wherein the inflorescence comprises a maximum terpene oil content of 2. The assemblage of dry, non-viable female inflorescences of claim 55, wherein the terpene oil content is greater than 1. The assemblage of dry, non-viable female inflorescences of any one of claims , wherein the inflorescences comprise a maximum terpene oil content of 2.

Pour les tomes additionels. In practice however, cannabis nomenclature is often used incorrectly or interchangeably. Cannabis literature can be found referring to all cannabis varieties as "sativas" or all cannabinoid producing plants as "indicas". Indeed the promiscuous crosses of indoor cannabis breeding programs have made it difficult to distinguish varieties, with most cannabis being sold in the United States having features of both sativa and indica species.

The use of cannabis for social and medical purposes has been known for almost of all humanity's recorded history. Cannabis is most commonly administered via inhalation or consumption of marijuana-infused food and drink However, since marijuana has been classified as a Schedule I drug under the U.

Controlled Substances Act because the U. Federal Government considers it to have "no accepted medical use.