Raymond Chen explained in his book, The Old New Thing, that after DirectX 3 was released, Microsoft began developing versions 4 and 5 at the same time. Version 4 was to be a shorter-term release with small features, whereas version 5 would be a more substantial release. The lack of interest from game developers in the features stated for DirectX 4 resulted in it being shelved, and the corpus of documents that already distinguished the two new versions resulted in Microsoft choosing to not re-use version 4 to describe features intended for version 5.

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If the file was embedded in a page, the vulnerability could be exploited when a user visited the Web page. A successful attack could have the effect of either causing DirectShow, or an application making use of DirectShow, to fail, or causing an attacker's code to run on the user's computer in the security context of the user.

DirectX functionality is provided in the form of COM -style objects and interfaces. DLL was also removed and was replaced with dplayx.

Direct3D 9Ex known internally during Windows Vista development as 9. Direct3D Designed around the new driver model in Windows Vista and featuring a number of improvements to rendering capabilities and flexibility, including Shader Model 4.

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Direct3D It will run on future Windows operating systems as well. Hardware tessellation and Shader Model 5.

This helps to keep backwards compatibility with previous versions of DirectX. Microsoft released the Final Platform Update for Windows Vista on October 27, , which was 5 days after the initial release of Windows 7 launched with Direct3D 11 as a base standard.

DirectX It supports WDDM 1. It also features stereoscopic 3D support for gaming and video.

Hardware manufacturers have to write these drivers for a particular DirectX version's device driver interface or DDI , and test each individual piece of hardware to make them DirectX compatible. Some hardware devices have only DirectX compatible drivers in other words, one must install DirectX in order to use that hardware.

Early versions of DirectX included an up-to-date library of all of the DirectX compatible drivers currently available.