Plus d'options Langue disponible : anglais With his dynamic vocals and flamboyant personality, Papa Wemba born Jules Shungu Wembadio Pene Kikumba played an essential role in the evolution of Central African music. Respectfully known as "the King of Rhumba," Wemba successfully fused African traditions with Western pop and rock influences. A co-founder of Zaiko Langa Langa in , he went on to international attention as the leader of Isife Lokole in and Viva la Musica after Born in the Kinshasa region of what was then the Belgian Congo and now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Wemba was taught that he was descended from a long line of BaTetela warrior chieftains. His mother, a professional mourner who sang at funeral wakes, had a profound influence on his singing.

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Moving to the village of Molokai in the center of Kinshasa's Matonge district in , Wemba formed his most successful group, Viva la Musica.

Their music continued to reflect an authenticity campaign launched by President Mobutu. Wemba appeared frequently on state-sponsored television, talking about the influence of traditional music and the importance of the authenticity campaign. From the beginning, Viva la Musica's reputation was built as much on their passion for designer clothes as their music.

Fans inspired by the band's style of dress began dressing similarly and were known as "La Sape," taken from the expression, "La Société des Ambienceus et Ces Personnes d'Élégance. Their first year climaxed with the Kinshasa newspaper Elima naming the band best orchestra, Wemba best singer, and their single, "Mère Supérieure," best song. Relocating to Paris in the early '80s, Wemba formed a second version of Viva la Musica.

While this group took a more Westernized approach, the original band continued to perform indigenous-based music. Wemba explained, "My original group is there for me Zairian fans who come to hear typical African sounds but when I decided to be a singer with an international name, I formed another group to appeal to a different public.

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Wemba continued to fuse the musical traditions of his homeland and Western pop. He continued to record and perform regularly, although a brief prison stay in the early s he was arrested for his suspected involvement in a ring smuggling immigrants into Europe affected both his outlook and the theme of his recordings, including Somo Trop from No Comment Eva, Pt.

Haïdar Talal ggatuitement participé entre autres à la dernière édition du Festival panafricain de musique Fespam. Ces deux singles sont disponibles sur toutes les plateformes de téléchargement. The Searchers gratuitemeent The farewell album Actualités Musiques du monde.

Perdu de vue Auguisha. Ainsi soit-il — Live. Haïdar Talal est un artiste musicien rappeur qui évolue en solo.

Destin ya moto, pt. Albums et singles de Papa Wemba.

Les supports techniques pour la chanson sont à Paris et gratuitemeny supports techniques pour le visuel à Brazzaville. Jouez et gagnez des lots!